Where your funds go

All funds raised through the Vinnies Drive-In, Sleep-In will go towards Vinnies specialist services assisting over 40,000 people going through tough times.

Emergency Relief

Vinnies continues to see the impact of increased living costs and lack of affordable housing. Volunteers assist people experiencing hardship by providing support with basic necessities such as food, clothing, household items, utility bills and rental assistance and offer referrals and friendship through home visitations or by attendance at one of our support centres.

This help is essential in relieving stress for households who are forced to choose between keeping a roof over their head, pay an important bill or put food on the table.

Financial Counselling

Vinnies provides free and confidential financial counselling for people experiencing financial stress. Our one-on-one financial counselling service enables us to work intensively to assist people to deal with their immediate crisis and, more importantly, to transition them out of the poverty cycle. We strive to help individuals better understand and manage their funds, and thereby build their own capacity to avert crises and reduce stress.

Homelessness Services

Our low threshold and change approach removes as many barriers as possible to accessibility for the most vulnerable people in the community.

Passages Youth Engagement Hubs in Perth and Peel provide marginalised and at risk young people with a safe and positive place to access support services. We offer practical assistance such as food, clothing, bathroom and laundry facilities and computer access. By ensuring basic needs are met, it allows us to build relationships with young people to assist them to further address their complex issues. We provide individualised and therapeutic support to manage their crisis, develop life skills and access other support services to prevent further crisis and help provide a pathway out of homelessness.

Tom Fisher House is an intensive intervention service for people experiencing long term homelessness who may also have complex needs. It provides free overnight accommodation and a place of engagement in which an individual’s life impacting issues can be identified and supported in partnership with our staff and where able, in collaboration with other agencies.

Housing Service

Vinnies provides affordable transitional and crisis accommodation to people experiencing homelessness as a result of domestic violence, mental illness and/or poverty. The service helps people build strong connections with the community, maintain employment, undertake education and seek long term, stable accommodation.

Mental Health Service

A recovery focused model, led by the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to rebuild their lives. We work with the people in our accommodation - which includes a supported care facility and community based shared houses as well as people living independently - to help build life skills, reach goals, make informed choices about their recovery journey and reconnect with family and the community.