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I want to raise awareness of people that are experiencing or at risk of homelessness by sleeping in our car with my kids. Seeing so many people homeless in WA, especially in the CBD it is a great opportunity to contribute to this cause to try and make a difference to the homeless in WA. My kids are looking forward to helping raise money and being part of the event. Please help by supporting this cause.



Can provide someone with warm bedding and clothing


Can provide a family with essential groceries


Can provide a night of crisis accommodation


Can provide financial support for bills
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Michael Vickridge donated 3 months ago


Nathalie Trinh donated 3 months ago

Well done Neal, Cameron and Mitchell.

Anonymous donated 3 months ago

Thanks Edmond and Chris for your support

Tony Fitzpatrick donated 3 months ago


Charlotte van der Meulen donated 3 months ago

Good Luck Neal!

Wendy Barnao donated 3 months ago

Great case Neal!!

Divyaindra Malik donated 3 months ago

Good Luck Neil !! you working for very nice cause.

Narelle Phillips donated 3 months ago


Michael Mezger donated 3 months ago

Good luck guys!!

Stephanie Tran donated 3 months ago

All the best.